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About Florida Citizen Corps

We all have a role in hometown security

Citizen Corps asks you to embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared; to get training in first aid and emergency skills; and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster relief, and community safety.

Currently there are:
94 CERT Programs
21 Citizen Corps Councils

2525 Neighborhood Watch
129 Volunteer Police Services
33 Medical Reserve Corps
21 Fire Corps

which serve citizens throughout the state of Florida.

2011 CERT Survey Data



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The Florida Division of Emergency Management welcomes you to the new Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) webpage.  The goal of this site is to open new opportunities and serve as an invaluable tool for existing and starter programs. Floridians who are interested in becoming a member of a CERT team can find information on teams and Citizen Corps councils in their local area and sign up to serve.  Everyone can play a role and make a difference in their community by getting involved today.

Bryan Koon, Director

Florida Division of Emergency Management

For more information on volunteering during disasters and community emergency response teams, email the Citizen Corps office at

Announcement from the Florida Division of Emergency Management

NOTICE: The 2014 Citizen Corps Program sub-grant scores/awards are still being determined. Please contact the Citizen Corps/CERT Coordinator, if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience!

For information regarding the CERT/Citizen Corps Program, please contact:

Virginia Hughes, State Citizen Corps/CERT Coordinator
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Phone: 850-413-9938

About Florida CERT

Florida CERT was organized to support and direct statewide training and education in disaster planning and preparedness.

In addition we have the goal of increasing community awareness of disaster preparedness.

Florida CERT members provide assistance to any government agency that requests volunteer services in any capacity. Contact with other Emergency Management related organizations, and coordination of annual CERT Conferences.

CERT Teams can make the difference by using their training to save lives and protect property. With training, practice, and working together as a team, CERT members will be able to do the "greatest good for the greatest number" after a disaster, while protecting themselves from becoming victims.

Upon completion of "CERT" training, teams are encouraged to continue training, drilling and develop neighborhood networks of resources so their teams may build, grow and flourish within the community....

More About Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

2011 Florida Citizen Corps Annual Report

Thanks to more than 1,500 volunteer programs that have embraced personal responsibility to be prepared, get trained in first aid and emergency skills, and support local emergency responders during disasters, the Florida Division of Emergency Management's Citizen Corps and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program had another year full of great achievements displayed through creative training techniques, purposeful planning and innovative exercises. Please take a moment to find out what happened in your part of the state by reading the 2011 Florida Citizen Corps Annual Report.

2011 Florida Citizen Corps Annual Report


Grant Funding Awarded to Citizen Corps Council and CERT Programs

The Florida Division of Emergency Management Citizen Corp Office awarded grant funding to cities and counties throughout the state for the start-up or maintenance of Citizen Corps Council and CERT programs. The volunteer programs were created to support and direct statewide training and education in disaster planning and preparedness. The goals of the programs are to increase community awareness and disaster preparedness. Please click on the link below to see if your community was awarded funding for community preparedness. For more information please call 850-921-0216.

FY13-14 Citizen Corp-CERT Scoresheet 2013



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