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Local Ordinance & Building Code Resources

Please review pertinent materials on this page for your local ordinance needs.  After reviewing them, if you have questions or need further guidance, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • NEW! FAQ-3 (February 15, 2013):  (1) Has FEMA approved the new floodplain management model ordinance?  (2) Will DEM review our existing local floodplain management regulations to determine if it has everything we need?  (3) Why is it necessary in Sec. 104.2.1 of the model ordinance to list all of the buildings, structures and facilities that are exempt from the FBC? (4) Why does the model ordinance include a fiscal impact statement at the end? (5) What are “local administrative code amendments” and how do they relate to the Model Administrative Code prepared by BOAF? (6) What are “local technical code amendments”?  Click here to read.

  • NEW! FAQ-2 (May 24, 2012):  (1) What are the top five tips to help communities prepare the floodplain management ordinance and code amendments?  (2) What assistance is available to help us make sure our higher standards are included our new ordinance?  (3) Explain the code amendment for a new section 104.10.1.  (4) The Model Ordinance package has SECTION 3 with administrative amendments to the code; what is meant by "{current insert citation, if any}"? (5) What do we need to do after we adopt the ordinance and applicable code amendments? Click here to read.

  • FAQ-1 (January 20, 2012):  (1) Are we required to do anything at all?  (2) Are we required to use the new model?  (3) We recently revised our floodplain ordinance.  Why do we have to do it again?  (4) Our adoption process is lengthy.  Can we adopt the ordinance provisions in sections based on our priorities?  What about provisions that get CRS credit?  Click here to read.

  • FAQ: Flood Resistant Provisions of the 2010 Florida Building Code (September 2011) pdf

Local Ordinance Adoption Resources Final January 15, 2013 Documents

Higher Standards

Sample Forms

Building Code Resources

  • Flood provisions of the 2010 Florida Building Code
    • Residential pdf
    • Building pdf
    • Existing Building pdf
    • Mechanical. Plumbing and Fuel Gas pdf

Online Training for the Flood Provisions of the 2010 Building Code

Module I: Introduction to Flood in the Code
Module II: FBC, Building Volume
Module III: FBC, Residential Volume
Module IV: FBC, Existing Building Volume
Module V: FBC, Mechanical, Plumbing & Fuel Gas Volumes

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