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Mitigation - Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program

The Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (HLMP) receives $7 million annually from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Trust Fund (ch. 215.559, Florida Statutes):

  • Up to $3.4 million is to be used to improve the wind resistance of residences through loans, subsidies, grants, demonstration projects, direct assistance, and cooperative programs with local and federal governments. The program is developed in coordination with Advisory Council whose members consist of representatives from the Florida Association of Counties, the Florida Department of Insurance, the Federation of Manufactured Home Owners, the Florida Manufactured Housing Association, the Florida Insurance Council, and the Florida Home Builders Association.

  • $2.8 million is designated for the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program. Based on legislative directive the Division of Emergency Management provides the funding directly to Tallahassee Community College (TCC). By statute, TCC prepares a separate report for the Governor and the Legislature on these directives

  • $700,000 is designated for Hurricane Research to be conducted by Florida International University (FIU) to continue the development of an innovative research of a full-scale structural testing to determine inherent weakness of structures when subjected to categories 1 to 5 hurricane-force winds and rain, leading to new technologies, designs and products.

Categories Eligible Under HLMP

Hurricane Loss Retrofit Program

Through partnering with local housing authorities and non-profit organizations, the Division has been able to promote wind mitigation and provide hazard mitigation upgrades to residents. Funded activities include retrofits, inspections, and construction or modification of building components designed to increase a structure’s ability to withstand hurricane-force winds. The Retrofit Program utilizes the Florida Building Code as its standard for all retrofitting.

Public Outreach

The HLMP encompasses projects that will promote public education and public information about wind mitigation and wind mitigation related areas. This also includes:

  • Maintenance and enhancement of wind mitigation on-line information and program visibility
  • Educating persons concerning the Florida Building Code cooperative programs with local governments and the Federal Government
  • Training in regard to wind mitigation techniques, products and procedures, codes and standards, and related areas


Grant funds awarded under the HLMP qualify as state financial assistance under the Florida Single Audit Act. See Section 215.971, Florida Statutes. The Catalog of State Financial Assistance number (CSFA#) for RCMP is 31.066.   Because the Legislature provides the Division with RCMP funds through the grants and aid appropriation category, eligible proposers under this RFP include governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, and qualified for-profit organizations; individual homeowners are ineligible to apply.

    RFPs are advertised in the Florida Administrative Register and issued via the web portal.  Email to request being added to announcements in funding opportunities.
    Contracts and grants can begin at any time during the fiscal year, but must all be terminated by June 30 of the same fiscal year. The state fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

Grant Management Tools

Reimbursement and Reporting Forms

Attachment D - Request for Reimbursement
Attachment E - Justification of Advance Payment
Attachment F - Quarterly Report
Attachment H - Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion
Property Information Sheet (PIS)
HLMP Hourly Labor Worksheet

Hurricane Retrofit Guide

Hurricane Retrofit Guide

This Guide is intended to help you decide how to protect your home against the winds and rains of hurricanes. And, it is intended to help you decide what protection measures to do first. You will find that many of the retrofits or protective measures are easy to do for a physically fit homeowner. Other things may require the expertise of a handyman or contractor. For some homeowners, the information may at various points be "over their head" because it becomes too technical. That is ok, because the guide is intended to provide the homeowner with ideas as well as providing people familiar with construction or in the construction business with the technical help they may need to protect your home.

View the Hurricane Retrofit Guide

Division-approved Products


Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program Annual Report - Calendar Year 2014 to the Legislature.

Obtain earlier reports in our Archives.

Listed below are the types of projects that have been funded during the 2008-2010 state fiscal years:

Residential Construction Mitigation Program Components:

Florida International University Hurricane Research Program

Of moneys provided to the Department, ten percent is allocated to Florida International University to conduct research on the following issues: (1) elimination of state and local barriers to upgrading existing mobile homes and communities; (2) recycling of existing older mobile homes; and, (3) hurricane loss reduction devices and techniques for site-built residences.  Read about current and prior year research activities.  Also, read more about Florida International University Hurricane Research Program - Homeowners Incentive Team First Year Report.

Tallahassee Community College Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

Forty-percent of the $7 million total ($2.8 million) appropriated by the Legislature shall be used to inspect and improve tie-downs for mobile homes. Section 215.559, Florida Statutes, authorizes the Department to contract with Tallahassee Community College to administer the mobile home tie-down program.

The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program is a pilot project designed to demonstrate, test and raise awareness of new techniques to enhance manufactured home wind resistance. The goal is to reduce property damage from high wind events. A tie-down system is designed to secure the manufactured homes to the ground. Traditional tie-down systems use the longitudinal ground anchors and straps which sometimes corrode and disintegrate. The new tie-down system include lateral foundation systems with longitudinal stabilizer devices or ground stabilizer plates wherever possible. Tie-down retrofit services provided through this program must comply with the Rules of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motor Vehicles, Chapter 15C-1, General.

For more information concerning the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program, contact Albert Wynn 850-201-8508 or

Retrofit Project
Grant funds are provided to local governments to retrofit homes using recommended mitigation techniques. The Retrofit Project leverages local housing rehabilitation dollars (SHIP, HOME, CDBG) by funding simultaneous mitigation retrofits on homes undergoing general rehabilitation. These funds support homeowners, who might not otherwise be able to benefit from insurance discounts for certain mitigation features. The project hopes to minimize insured loss exposure, promote the use of sound residential retrofitting, educate the homeowner to practical and affordable ways to strengthen homes, and increase public awareness.


The Florida Building Code (FBC)

Strengthening your Home

Insurance in the State of Florida



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Project Manager

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Project Manager

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