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Training and Exercise Section

The Training Unit coordinates the delivery of courses in the field for primarily county and municipal responders. The Exercise Unit serves the training needs of Division staff and members of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) which includes representatives of the state agencies and other organizations that staff the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).

Training Applications Update

In effort to improve service to our customers, we have centralized the process for submitting training requests. If your email is a training request of any nature, please send it to Your request will be handled by a member of the training staff within two working days. If a response is not received after two working days, please forward your request to Chief of Preparedness, Linda McWhorter at

As a component of better service to you, please send all training request in PDF format. After reviewing the training request it will be digitally signed by the designated training coordinator and the State Training Officer, and then forwarded to appropriate training agency.

Please use the following example naming conventions for each training agency:

Lastname_firstname_today’s date_training agency-

Doe_John_20090316_NMT - New Mexico Tech (NMT)
Doe_John_20090316_CDP - Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP)
Doe_John_20090316_EMI – Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
Doe_John_20090316_TEEX - Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)
Doe_John_20090316_NTS – Nevada Test Site (NTS)
Doe_John_20090316_DPG - Dugway Proving Ground (DPG)

Countyname_today’s date_RST

Sarasota_20090316_RST - Request for State Training

General Training Resources

Domestic Security Training Resources

General Exercise Resources

Staff Contacts

State Training and Exercise OfficerLinda McWhorter
Office #: (850) 815-4301

Training & Education Specialist – Akeala Flanigan
State Homeland Security Training Coordinator
Regions 1 & 2
Office #: (850) 815-4310

Training & Education Specialist – Annmarie Insalaco
State Exercise Coordinator
Regions 3, 5 & 6 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4309

Training & Exercise Specialist Maurice Haynes
Region 4 & 7 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4306

Training & Exercise Specialist –Mindy Dowling
SERT TRAC Administrator
Advanced Professional Series (APS) Requests
Office#: (850) 815-4302

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