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Statewide Private Sector Re-Entry Program

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Office of the Private Sector is developing a Statewide Private Sector Re-Entry Program as mandated by SB1288, passed by the Florida Legislature on March 10, 2016.  In anticipation of the Governor signing the bill into law, the Division will identify the requirements for the program as outlined in SB 1288.  The program will be fully implemented no later than June 1, 2016.  Please continue to check this webpage for updates on the Private Sector Re-Entry Program.  For any questions, please contact the Office of the Private Sector at

Chapter 252.359: Ensuring availability of emergency supplies.

  1. In order to meet the needs of residents affected by a declared emergency and to ensure the continuing economic resilience of communities impacted by disaster, the Division of Emergency Management shall establish a statewide system to facilitate transport and distribution of essentials throughout the state.

  2. As used in this section, the term “essentials” means any goods that are consumed or used as a direct result of an emergency or that are consumed or used to preserve, protect, or  sustain life, health, safety, or economic well-being.

  3. The division shall develop a system to certify a person who transports essentials in commerce or assists in ensuring the availability of essentials, subject to the following:

    • The system must allow for both pre-emergency declaration and post emergency declaration certification and may include an annually renewable precertification.
    • The division may certify only a person who routinely transports or distributes essentials.
    • If requested by the employer, a certification of the employer constitutes a certification of the employer’s employees.
    • The division shall create an easily recognizable indicium of certification to assist local officials’ efforts to determine which persons have been certified under this subsection.
    • A person certified by the division is not required to obtain any additional certification or fulfill any additional requirement in order to transport or distribute essentials.

  4. Notwithstanding any curfew, a person certified under subsection (3) may enter or remain in the curfew area for the limited purpose of distributing or assisting in the distribution of essentials and may provide service that exceeds otherwise applicable hours of service maximums to the extent authorized by a duly executed declaration of a state of emergency.

  5. This section does not prohibit a law enforcement officer from specifying the permissible route of ingress or egress for a person certified under subsection (3).


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