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State of Florida - Model Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Selection Guideline Manual

To meet the responsibilities defined in Florida Statues, the Division (DEM), in collaboration with the Dept of Community Affairs has developed a multifaceted strategy that includes promoting the use of public shelter selection criteria, in accordance with ARC 4496. The Model HES Selection Student Manual documents the methodology used by the state to note the strengths and vulnerabilities of potential hurricane shelters.

View the online PDF Manual. (Adobe Acrobat)

2009 Success Shelter Deficit Reduction Spreadsheets

Please view the 201 Excel files (3 each for each county). The three files for each county show current shelter status of shelter space gain projections: cumulative (1995-August 2009), and projections (September 2009- August 2010; and September 2010-August 2011). Please review each of the three files for your county, make changes (please highlight individual changes) and email the changed files to .

We need this feedback prior to May 1, 2009. A negative email (no changes) is needed at the minimum. This information is used to report progress on the shelter space deficit reduction across the State. It helps us to get regular funding for the various shelter retrofit projects (it shows progress). Please note that in addition to the regular “Pre-mitigation”, “EHPA”, and “Retrofitted” columns, we have added: “Local Planned Usage” column. We have noted that often a county may plan on using less than all the available areas in a shelter building (due to factors such as lack of staff for larger numbers of people, not a perceived need for all the capacity in that particular area, etc.). This column is for you to list the actual number of spaces you are planning to use in that particular building. The other columns are for reporting existing physical capacity (we have to track actual physical capacity gained and report it to the Governor).

If you have any questions please call Danny Kilcollins at 850-413-9859.

2010 Department of Homeland Security Emergency Operations Center Grant

The Division of Emergency Management received notification of an FY 2010 grant application cycle for construction or renovation of state, local or tribal government principal/primary EOC's. The guidance materials distributed by DHS are listed below this section. Please note that the funding is divided into competitive and non-competitive allocations. For Florida, the non-competitive funds have been allocated to the following local governments: City of Green Cove Springs, City of Lauderdale Lakes, City of Palm Coast, City of Sunrise, City of Tavares, Lake County, Monroe County, Sarasota County and City of Maitland.

A total of $10,157,500 is available for NATIONALLY competitive grants. There is no fixed allocation per state. Under the 2010 EOC Grant Program, competitive and non-competitive EOCs may propose only one construction or renovation Investment Justification (IJ).  Eligible EOC applicants requesting competitive funding may request up to $1,000,000 for construction projects or up to $250,000 for renovation projects through the FY 2010 EOC Grant Program. Recipients will have 36 months to complete their respective construction or renovation projects.

The Division of Emergency Management serves as Florida's State Administrative Agency (SAA) and will apply on behalf of eligible Florida applicants. IJ’s are due to the Division by no later than 11:59 PM EST on January 15, 2010. Applications from the SSA's are due to DHS/FEMA on February 12, 2010. Please note that local governments that have been allocated non-competitive funds must also submit a complete IJ and meet all other eligibility requirements.

Please follow the directions given in the Guidance and Application Kit document very carefully. The IJ's elements must be organized and prepared in a manner consistent with that described in the guidance. Per Part IV.B.4, Failure to address these elements in the prescribed format, including strict formatting guidelines, will result in rejection of the IJ from review consideration.

The Division requests that County Emergency Management Directors forward this grant application notification to eligible applicants within your jurisdiction.

Guidance and Application Kit Information

Grant application process contact:

Danny Kilcollins

House Bill 7121, Notices of Funding Availability, and Application Forms 2006



WindowProtection-CostEstimate_Toolkit2006 Instructions(pdf)

WindowProtection-CostEstimate_Toolkit2006 Spreadsheet (xls)

Emergency Managers,

The following are the web links to the Division's transmittal letter and funding proposal documents/reports for HB 7121 Hurricane Shelter Enhancement and Retrofit and County Emergency Operations Center Construction and Improvements.

Comprehensive Funding Proposal for Public Shelter Retrofits November 1, 2006
Comprehensive Funding Proposal for County Emergency Operations Centers November 1, 2006

Letter to Senator Lisa Carlton and Representative Negron

Please note that per HB 7121 these documents are only proposals at this time and must be approve d by the Legislative Budget Commission (LBC) before any further contracting procedures can be initiated. If there are any questions, please contact me at (850) 413-9859.

2006 Governors Hurricane Conference

Performance Standards and Expectations of Hurricane Shelters
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 10MB]
Mass Care Facility Considerations for Selecting Hurricane Shelters
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 6MB]
ICC/NSSA Storm Shelter Standard
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 2MB]
EHPA Shelters in K-12 Educational Facilities
[ Power Point .PPT, 52MB]


2007 Shelter Retrofit Project Submittal

Please open the Excel workbook below and click on your county's tab. You will see a list of existing projects (under the green bar) and a list of suggested shutter-only projects pulled from various studies and reports (under the yellow bar). Please download the excel workbook, review the projects and make changes as appropriate (i.e., update or drop the green/yellow bar projects).

The yellow-bar projects only need a cost estimate in order to add them to the 2007 Shelter Retrofit Report's list (we have the other information). If you are unable to get a cost estimate from a vendor you can use $66.50 per square foot (sf) of exterior glass being protected as an initial cost estimate. Simply measure the dimensions of exterior glass assemblies plus an additional 4 inches on each side that must be protected, multiply the height by the width, and multiply the result by $50. Please indicate whether you wish to add these projects or delete them.

Master Projects as of February 14, 2007 2007 Shelter Retrofit Project Submittal
Ref: Section 252.385(3), Florida Statutes
Microsoft Excel Document [ Microsoft Excel .XLS, 675KB ] Microsoft Word Document [ Microsoft Word .DOC, 88KB ]
    Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat [ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 149KB ]

2006 FEPA Conference

2006 FEPA Power Point Presentation
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 2.1MB]
2006 FEPA-EHPA Power Point Presentation
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 96KB]


2005 Special Needs Shelter Report

June 2005 summary report to Governor Bush on the status of Florida's Special Needs Shelters.

2005 Special Needs Shelter Report
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 3.6MB]


Special Needs Shelters Memorandum

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr. John Agwunobi, and the Director of the Division of Emergency Management, W. Craig Fugate cooperatively distribute memorandum to County Health Departments (CHD) and local emergency management agencies that announces expectation that all public Special Needs Shelters (SpNS) that are intended to used during hurricane impact must, at a minimum, meet the hurricane shelter safety criteria of the American Red Cross' Standards for Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Selection (ARC 4496), be provided with emergency power supported air-conditioning, and request that SpNS capacities be based upon 60 sq.ft. per client.

Special Needs Shelters Memorandum
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 3.6MB]

FSU/FAMU Fence Impact Test - 7/25/2007

FSU Impact Test Letter Aug 2007 (jpg)

Report - Missile Impact Resistance of Mesh (pdf)

Appendix A of Photos (pdf)

Appendix B of Photos (pdf)

Appendix C of DMS Shelter Dwgs (pdf)

Shelter Deficit Reduction - Success Stories

It's that time of year again... time to capture all your successes in hurricane shelter retrofit projects and new EHPA construction over the past year. Please read the attached memo and send in your data soon!

Shelter Deficit Reduction
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 3.6MB]


Spring 2005 Critical Facility and Hurricane Shelter Assessments

The Division of Emergency Management (DEM), in collaboration with the Division of Housing and Community Development (HCD), will be beginning a baseline survey of county critical facilities over the next few months. HCD is funding this initiative. This critical facility assessment will also include a second baseline assessment of hurricane shelters.

Spring 2005 Critical Facility and Hurricane Shelter Assessments
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat
[ Adobe Acrobat .PDF, 3.6MB]



The Division of Emergency Management will unveil ARMOR - Assessment Resource for Multi-Hazard Operational Risks at this years Governor's Hurricane Conference in Tampa, May, 2005. The ARMOR software, version 1.0, takes the hurricane evacuation shelter evaluation process into the 21st century. ARMOR's first version automates the shelter evaluation process by incorporating the checklists into an electronic format which automatically generates the Least-Risk Decision Making (LRDM) tables, Initial Findings Summaries, full-text reports and populates a new central database for hurricane shelters. Two training sessions will be held during the conference, see for details.


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