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Citizen Corps

Fire Corps

Law Enforcement/Fire Auxiliary Groups

For many law enforcement branches, volunteers provide auxiliary relief, such as the Florida Highway Patrol, Police Departments, and Sheriff Offices. Many departments have auxiliary teams as a core component of their infrastructure. Many departments swear in volunteers, supplementing their staff during special events, with traffic control, and to perform other specified duties. Hence, trained volunteers would be an added asset to law enforcement officials.

The Citizen Corps program can provide this training to local volunteers. We have been conducting basic fire fighting training through our CERT program, but training locations and courses can be added to support this effort.

MYTH - Every citizen in Florida can feel safe in knowing that if a fire occurs in their home, the fire department will respond quickly and in the most efficient and effective manner to protect their home and loved ones.

FACT - There are many local fire departments and volunteer fire department that just do not have the manpower, nor the resources and/or equipment to properly respond to an emergency.

Again, Citizen Corps provides the mechanism for individuals to volunteer in a coordinated effort to strengthen the under grid of Florida's emergency management infrastructure-Florida Prepares initiative.

How you can help!

Become a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical services technician

Offer to help the fire department in its fundraising efforts. Help with bingo or bake sales or other department fundraising programs

Help the department with its financial matters if you have a business background or special skills in this area

Help with correspondence, public outreach, and records management

Assist the fire department and fire prevention experts with fire prevention education in your neighborhood, place of business, schools, and community organizations

Assist the department with its canteen service so they will have water and food for major fires


National Firecorps Website

For further information regarding volunteer opportunities call the FireLine at 1-800-3473-5463