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From the National Weather Service

Remember a hurricane watch means that the area may experience hurricane or Tropical storm conditions, usually within 36 hours. When a hurricane watch is issued for your area...

  • Monitor storm reports on radio, television, and NOAA weather radio.
  • If considering moving to a shelter. Make arrangements for all pets. Pets are not allowed in all shelters.
  • Do not drain swimming pools.
  • Refill needed prescriptions.
  • If evacuation has not already been recommended...consider leaving the area early to avoid long hours on limited evacuation routes.
  • Check the following supplies...
    • Portable radio with fresh batteries. Radio will be one of your most useful sources of information. Have enough batteries to last two weeks.
    • Flashlights or battery-powered lamps. Avoid using candles or gasoline-powered lanterns indoors.
    • Full tank of gasoline for your automobile. Never let your vehicle gas tank be less than half full during hurricane threats. Fill up as soon as a hurricane or tropical storm watch is posted. Remember, when there is no electricity gas pumps will not work.
    • Adequate cash. The ATM will not operate without electricity.
    • Canned goods and non perishable foods and a manual can opener.
    • Store packaged foods which can be prepared without cooking and need no refrigeration. Fill gas grill.
    • Containers for drinking water. Have clean...air tight containers to store sufficient drinking water for two weeks.
    • Materials for protecting or reinforcing openings. Have shutters or lumber for protecting windows and doors. Have a cap for your roof turbine.
    • Materials for emergency repairs. Your insurance policy may cover the cost of materials used in temporary repairs...so keep all receipts. These will also be helpful for any income tax deductions.
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