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External Affairs Information

The Florida Division of Emergency Management's Office of External Affairs exists to facilitate the use of divisionwide resources to support existing partnerships, as well as to educate and engage new partners in contributing to the overall mission of the Division and the State Emergency Response Team.

The Office of External Affairs works to build effective relationships and partnerships with internal and external partners to advance the mutual needs of the emergency management community and to enhance our ability to serve the residents of Florida.

Staff Contact Information

Fax: 850-488-1016

Beverly Byerts, Deputy External Affairs Director

Aaron Gallaher, Communication Director
(contact for all media requests & information)

Chris Eliadis, External Affairs Special Projects Coordinator,

Valerie Beynon, Access Coordinator
(contact for all Access & functional needs)

Carrie Henry, Records Management Liaison
(contact for public records requests and outreach materials)

Jenny Grisales, Digital Engagement Coordinator

June 17, 2016 12:49


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