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CRS-CAV Pilot Program

CRS-CAV Pilot Program Package

Printable Interactive Files for Communities to Use to Implement Performance Measures

In order to fill out and save the CRS forms:  First please save any files you need as .pdf files to a location on your computer. The fillable format may not appear until you save the files to your computer. Depending on your browser, you may 'right-click' the file link and 'save link as' a .pdf file to your computer, or open the file to 'save as' - or use the 'download' feature if that is available. If you fill out a form online in your Browser, your changes may not be saved.

The following files can be downloaded by communities to aid in becoming eligible for participating in CRS through adoption of Seven Performance Measures.

Draft Resolution to Adopt and Implement Performance Measures

Performance Measure 1 Adopt State Model Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Performance Measure 2 Annual Flood Zone Inspection Forms

Performance Measure 3 Flood Zone Development Application Forms

Performance Measure 4 Elevation Certificate Forms and Instructions

Performance Measure 5 Letters to Propane and Air Conditioning Contractors

Performance Measure 6 SI-SD Determination Procedures

Performance Measure 7 Posting Elevation Certificates and DFIRMs


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