Case Study #3 Turtle Creek serves a plate of Hurricane Charley

Property Location:
Turtle Creek Restaurant
Punta Gorda, Florida


(above) The front of the Turtle Club restaurant had large panes of laminated glass that were undamaged by Hurricane Charley.

(above and below) This window near the rear of the dining area adjacent to the bar was shattered by flying debris. The laminated window performed as designed, holding the shattered glass intact. The restaurant was fully operational with the damaged window in place while awaiting replacement.

Property Type:
Commercial property/Restaurant
Hurricane Impact :
Hurricane Charley
Storm Mitigation Product in Place:
Laminated glass
Summary of Damage/Mitigation:
A single window in the restaurant was badly shattered by flying debris, but was held intact by laminated glass.
Relative Damage of Abutters :
This restaurant was in close proximity to numerous structures, both commercial and residential, that sustained major damage including major window failures.
Observations of Note :
Unlike other commercial establishments with no window protection, this restaurant was able to reopen without as much delay as other commercial facilities. Business continuity is an important factor that should be considered as a major benefit of investing in protective glazing.

Information courtesy of the Protecting People First Initiative.

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