Case Study #5 Skin Damage by Ivan

Property Location:
Pensacola Beach, Florida


Extensive damage resulted to windows and exterior siding at one of two adjacent condominiums (above). The main tower of the other was substantially undamaged.

This photo (above) shows the proximity of the two case study properties.


Property Type:
Hurricane Impact :
Hurricane Ivan
Storm Mitigation Product in Place:
Laminated glass
Summary of Damage/Mitigation:
Only one broken window in the entire Veranda condominium complex was reported. It was on the second floor and it was believed to have been impacted by a tile that was blown off an adjacent roof of about the same height as the window.
Relative Damage of Abutters :
The South Harbor suffered substantial damage to windows and exterior skin.
Observations of Note :
The contrast between the two properties is striking to an engineer or casual observer. The Veranda looks as if it were not subjected to a storm at all. The South Harbor property will require significant construction before it is again usable.

Information courtesy of the Protecting People First Initiative.

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