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Environmental and Historic Preservation Review Process

A detailed project description and scope of work is important to prevent delays in the environmental review process. Based on the scope of work, various permits may be required from local, state and federal environmental agencies.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) provides a specific process which all federal agencies must follow before funding a project. The process ensures that the environmental consequences of the federal action have been considered. There are varying levels of review and documentation required, depending on the action: statutory exclusion, categorical exclusion, environmental assessment and environmental impact statement.

The state environmental specialists work closely with FEMA environmental staff and the applicant to coordinate any documentation requirements needed for the environmental review process.

It is important that applicants be knowledgeable of the NEPA process and requirements of FEMA to complete the NEPA review before any actions are taken. If the applicant begins construction on the project prior to completion of the NEPA review, funding may be denied. After initial review, any special environmental conditions must be documented in the project file and complied with. Failure to comply may result in loss of funding and project delays.


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