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Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning

Best Practices Guidebook

The guidebook titled, "Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning: A Guide for Florida Communities," is intended to assist communities developing post-disaster redevelopment plans. It provides best practices for planning and implementation based on research and pilots associated with the initiative led by the Florida Department of Community Affairs and Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Implementation Training Video

This video was developed to assist local communities in the long-term maintenance, implementation, and integration of the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan. It provides advanced tools and best practices to enhance your planning initiative and discusses opportunities to achieve community resilience.

Case Studies

The case studies for Manatee County, Nassau County, Polk County and Panama City provide summaries and outcomes of the project. They also offer a glimpse of the lessons learned by each community as they worked to create their Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plans.


The Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plans developed by the six pilot communities are the results of an initiative to prepare communities for the long-term recovery effects caused by disasters. The plans provide successful examples of the planning process and different approaches to post-disaster redevelopment planning. The counties of Manatee, Nassau, and Polk, and the municipality of Panama City, have already adopted their respective plans. The plans for Hillsborough and Sarasota counties have been completed and are currently awaiting adoption.

Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan Links


Florida communities are vulnerable to a variety of disasters and, as a result, local governments should be knowledgeable of the various post-disaster funding sources available from local, state, federal, private sector, foundations and non-governmental organizations. Communities should be well-prepared to obtain funding and gain support from these organizations in order to implement a wide variety of post-disaster redevelopment projects. The purpose of the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning Funding Resources Handbook is intended to provide recipients with a comprehensive list of funding sources for post-disaster redevelopment.

Planning Initiative Process Documents

The two review documents include extensive reviews of post-disaster redevelopment related materials. One document examines ten existing Florida Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plans or ordinances, in addition to two long-term community recovery plans. The second includes reviews of post-disaster redevelopment literature on lessons learned and recommendations for recovery planning, both before and after a disaster occurs.

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