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Florida Foundations Basic Emergency Management Academy

Recognizing the need to tie training programs to an established career development program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) setup a progressive training and education system that includes an entry-level Academy. Training objectives were based on the newly established emergency management competencies that the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), and local, State, Territorial, and Tribal emergency management professionals have established in coordination with the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). The Florida Foundations Basic Emergency Management Academy is based upon EMIs Emergency Management Foundations Course.

Florida Foundations is the Florida Division of Emergency Managements academy training program. This program provides training in three categories Leadership, Management and Basic Emergency Management. The Basic Emergency Management Academy is a Florida-centric version of the National Basic Emergency Management Academy, which was developed by Emergency Management Institute in 2011. The course modules offer an overview of the different facets of emergency management, identify and address issues encountered in the field, and provide new emergency managers with a variety of useful tools and techniques.

The Basic Emergency Management Academy program requires completion of five online prerequisite courses before attending the seven days of classroom training.

Online Modules

These online modules are available for anyone to take at any time, and are prerequisite to complete five online prerequisite courses before attending the seven days of classroom training. For each module, there are 2 versions --

  • Evaluated - Students may not advance through the course without hearing the instruction, and at the conclusion, the student is evaluated and pass a quiz to receive credit for having taken the course. This credit is registered with SERT TRAC. The Evaluated courses must be taken prior to attending the seven days of classroom instruction.
  • Reference - Students may advance through the course and a quiz is not given at the end. This version is for reference only, and no credit will be given for exploring the Reference courses.

Students MUST HAVE CREATED A PROFILE WITH SERT TRAC before beginning the evaluated courses.

Classroom Modules

The Academy classroom modules include:

  • Collaboration in Emergency Management
  • Mission Area: Preparedness
  • Mission Areas: Prevention and Preparedness
  • Mission Area: Mitigation
  • Mission Area: Response
  • Mission Area: Recovery
  • Technology in Support of Emergency Management
  • Emergency Management Administration
  • The Future of Emergency Management
  • Managing People

For Additional Information

Contact the Academy Manager
Call (850) 414-8563
Email FDEM.STO@em.myflorida.com 

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