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Emergency Management Internship Program

Internship program

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Internship Program provides students with a unique opportunity to apply classroom skills and theory to real life work situations. This hands-on program is designed to strengthen fundamental emergency management concepts and develop the confidence and skills of the next generation to prepare them for future employment opportunities.

As an intern, participants are expected to employ their skills and abilities to contribute to the objectives of their assigned host organization. Our internships provide exposure to industry professionals and promote career development. To support that endeavor, interns will be placed based on interests and specific project availability.

Please contact our Internship Coordinator for more information.

The application deadline for Summer 2017 is April 1, 2017. Please contact Internship Coordinator for more information regarding the upcoming semesters opportunities.


Participants can obtain valuable in-depth experience in emergency management and other related fields. In addition, interns will:

  • Work with a national leader in the field of emergency management
  • Contribute to innovative projects
  • Get relevant experience for resume building
  • Develop confidence walking into an interview with numerous examples to use
  • Obtain a greater understanding of career possibilities and areas of interest
  • Gain marketability for employment opportunities after graduation

Flexible Options

Internships are available with any of our partners throughout the state of Florida. The Internship Program runs throughout the year parallel to the semester cycle. Offerings are available during spring, summer and fall semesters.

  • Spring (January to May)
  • Summer (June to August)
  • Fall (September to December)

All participants are expected to intern for a minimum of 15 hours a week for the entire term of the program. Specific schedules will vary according to the position.

The Division of Emergency Management Internship Program is an unpaid program. However, we offer college credit for participation in this investment toward your future.


To apply, applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university.

  • A local preference will be given for all intern positions.
  • Students must be available for an in-person interview.

Internship candidates must also have an understanding of emergency management which may be demonstrated by the completion of FEMA Independent Study (IS) Courses: 100, 200, 700 and 800. This can be found at:

Application Process

The application deadline for Summer 2017 is April 1, 2017. Please contact Internship Coordinator for more information regarding the upcoming semesters opportunities.

Phase I – Application Submittal

A complete application package must include:

  • A complete internship program application (PDF)
  • A cover letter indicating the student’s interest and what you hope to gain from participation
  • Resume

Submit the above materials via e-mail to our Internship Coordinator at the contact information provided below.

Carla Juarez
Academic Liaison and Internship Coordinator
Florida Division of Emergency Management
2555 Shumard Oak Blvd Tallahassee, FL 32399

By submitting your application package, you agree that all information provided is correct and that you created all written content. You also agree that if placed, FDEM has permission to post your name and/or use your name/image in future promotional and marketing materials.

Phase II – Interview Selection

After applications are reviewed, the top candidates are contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews may be conducted by program staff and/or internship employers.

Phase III – Placement

Following a successful interview, qualified candidates will be selected to enter the finalist phase where additional materials may be required to complete the process. Selected candidates will receive notification of their acceptance, placement location and terms of employment.

Due to the nature of many of the internship assignments, the completion of additional security procedures may be required prior to receiving an official offer.  These steps vary according to placement area but typically include a criminal background check and drug screening.

We work carefully to match the interests and expertise of each selected intern with a corresponding project. Opportunities are regularly updated so please contact the Internship Coordinator for the most current list of vacancies.

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