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Statewide Tornado Drill Timeline

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School districts, private schools, preschools and daycare centers are urged to participate in the drill. The tornado warning will be broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio and will be encoded as a weekly test for this drill.

In the weeks before the drill

  • Prepare
  • Inform staff
  • Review and refine a tornado plan

February 15: The Day of the Drill

After 8:00 a.m. EST - Consider a Tornado Watch to be in effect

  • Announce watch to staff and students
  • Designate authority (coordinator)
  • Evacuate tornado vulnerable areas

10:10 a.m. EST - Tornado Warning

  • Receive message
  • Coordinator determines threat

10:20 a.m. EST

  • Upon determination of immediate threat, give “take shelter” or “duck and cover” command (depending on space available at location)

10:30 a.m. EST - Termination of Watch and Warning

  • Give instructions to return to normal activities (You will not receive notification. Terminate the drill as you see fit.)

After the Drill - Wrap-up

  • Following the drill, assess and revise plan as needed.


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