Medication Requirements

One of the most critical preparation steps you can take is ensuring you have enough of your required prescription medications available should the aftermath of a disaster prevent you from getting a refill. It is recommended that you have a minimum two-week supply of all your prescription medications. Be sure your extra supply is kept current and has not expired. It is also recommended that you keep a list of all your prescription medications, dosages and any other special instructions with your emergency medication supply.

Emergency 30-Day Refills

According to Florida law, you can obtain a 30-day refill of your prescription medication - even if you have just refilled it - ONLY if you reside in county that:

  • Is under a hurricane warning issued by the National Weather Service; or
  • Is under a state of emergency executive order declared by the Governor; or
  • Has activated its emergency operations center/emergency management plan

Under these specific circumstances listed above, any health insurer, managed care organization or other entities licensed by the Office of Insurance Regulation must waive the "refill too soon" restrictions on prescriptions.

Click here to link to the Florida Statute addressing emergency 30-day prescription medication refills.

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