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GIS Data Clearinghouses and Data Downloads

A GIS Data Clearinghouse is a distributed system of servers located on the internet which contain descriptions of available digital spatial data and services. The fundamental goal of a clearinghouse is to provide access to digital spatial data and related online services for data access, visualization, or order.

The State of Florida does not currently have an official state GIS clearinghouse. However, numerous data resources exist within the state, including -

Framework Data

The Federal Geographic Data Committee has established several key GIS data themes to be the framework within the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. These GIS data themes are believed to be the key to support the sharing of resources, improving communications, and increasing efficiency.  Statewide data themes available are:

Critical Facilities

"Critical facilities" are defined as those structures from which essential services and functions for victim survival, continuation of public safety actions, and disaster recovery are performed or provided. Shelters, emergency operation centers, public health, public drinking water, sewer and wastewater facilities are examples of critical facilities. Please see Critical Facilities for more information.

Emergency Services locations are also available through GATOR and as KML.

Evacuation Routes

Statewide evacuation routes (last updated 05/28/2009) are compiled from Regional Evacuation Studies. Maps are available for those counties with designated evacuation routes.

Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Hurricane Evacuation zones are also compiled from Regional Evacuation Studies.

Storm Surge Zones

Storm surge zones (last updated 01/07/2014) are also compiled from Regional Evacuation Studies. Maps are available for those counties with designated storm surge zones.

Flood Zones

Flood zones are geographic areas that FEMA has defined according to varying levels of flood risk. To find out about flood zones in your area, visit, FEMA Map Service Center, and FEMA Mapping Information Platform.

To download GIS data layers for the historical Q3 zones and latest DFIRMs, follow this link to the Florida Geographic Data Library and click Start Search.

A REST map service for Q3 and DFIRM may be accessed at and FEMA provides access to the National Flood Hazard Layer via KML.

Additionally, Florida's Water Management Districts are involved in flood zone map modernization, and more details are availalbe at the following websites -

Northwest Florida Water Management District
South Florida Water Management District
Southwest Florida Water Management District
St. Johns River Water Management District
Suwanne River Water Management District


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