Gov. Scott: We’re Aggressively Moving Fuel into Florida


Gov. Scott: We’re Aggressively Moving Fuel into Florida


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tonight, Governor Rick Scott issued an update regarding the state’s efforts to resupply gas stations as Floridians begin to return to their homes after evacuating for Hurricane Irma. Governor Scott has aggressively worked to ensure that Florida gas stations have fuel as Floridians heeded evacuation orders due to Hurricane Irma, including directing the Florida Highway Patrol to escort fuel supply trucks to gas stations. Before getting on the road to return home, Floridians should listen to local officials to ensure it’s safe.

Governor Scott said, “We have aggressively worked to ensure that Floridians have the fuel they need as our state prepared for and responds to Hurricane Irma. At my direction, the Florida Highway Patrol will continue to escort fuel resupply trucks to gas stations so fuel is quickly delivered to our communities. We will continue to work around the clock so Floridians have fuel at the pumps as our state begins to recover from this powerful storm.”

Port Everglades Updates:

Port Everglades is open to traffic on the landside terminals. Fuel trucks are actively filling and leaving the terminals to refuel gas stations. Video is attached; The Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a survey of the channel to confirm that tankers may safely deliver additional fuel and expects to complete that task no later than tomorrow; andOnce clearance is granted, at least eight tankers with fuel are scheduled to arrive within the next 72 hours, beginning tomorrow.

Port Canaveral Updates:

Port Canaveral is opening landside terminals tonight for fuel trucks to fill and deliver; andThe United States Coast Guard is conducting a survey tonight to ensure prompt and safe reopening of the Port. Once clearance granted, tankers are queuing up for delivery.

Port Tampa Updates

Port of Tampa has landslide terminals open;Fuel trucks are actively filling and leaving the terminals to deliver gas to stations; andTankers will begin delivery this evening, with at least seven expected in the next 72 hours.

This week, the Governor took the following actions to expedite fuel delivery to gas stations:

Directed the Florida Highway Patrol to escort fuel resupply trucks to gas stations; Waived the tax on fuel entering the state; Gov. Scott and executive office staff have held daily calls with all fuel supply stakeholders, including Florida Ports; Following the Governor’s request, Vice President Pence announced that the federal government has waived the Jones Act upon Governor Scott’s request, which waives additional rules and regulations to allow more fuel to get to Florida fast. This waiver ensures that all options are available to distribute fuel to Florida. The last Jones Act waiver was issued in December 2012, for petroleum products to be delivered for relief assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.Following the Governor’s request, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved an emergency fuel waiver which allows more fuel to quickly enter the state. For more information, please click HERE. Requested ten states to join Florida in waiving weight and driver restrictions to move goods more quickly into the state, including fuel.

Updated: Friday, October 20, 2017
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