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Mitigation is an integral part of the Division of Emergency Management. Mitigation actions reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. Due to Florida’s weather, geography, and miles of coastline, the state is highly vulnerable to disasters.

Mitigation Grants. To assist communities in reducing the impacts of these disasters, the Bureau of Mitigation administers three federal mitigation grant programs, which includes the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program, and Flood Mitigation Assistance Program. The Bureau also administers one state-funded mitigation grant program, the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program.

Office of Floodplain Management. The State Floodplain Management Program fulfills the responsibilities of the National Flood Insurance Program State Coordinating Agency, helping communities comply with floodplain management requirements.


Hazard Mitigation Planning. To comply with federal regulations, the Bureau of Mitigation maintains and updates the Enhanced State Hazard Mitigation Plan and supports local communities with their mitigation planning efforts. Local mitigation plans identify the natural hazards that may affect local jurisdictions and assess risks and vulnerabilities, identify mitigation actions, and establish a coordinated process to implement the plan using a wide range of public and private investments.

Residential Mitigation. The Bureau provides support for local governments regarding residential mitigation activities. If you are a resident of Florida and interested in learning more about mitigation grant funding for your property, please email ResidentialMitigation@em.myflorida.com with your name, city, and your specific question or situation. Someone from the team will get back with you as soon as possible.

Laura Dhuwe, Bureau Chief

For more information on the My Safe Florida Home Program re-enacted by the Florida Legislature during the most recent Special Session, please visit: https://mysafeflhome.com/. This program is currently housed under the Department of Financial Services and the Division is unable to assist with inquiries regarding this program.

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