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Division of Emergency Management Enterprise Solution

What is DEMES?

DEMES (formally known as Salesforce) modernizes and digitizes FDEM's forms and processes so we can move faster, leverage grant funding more efficiently, and provide an easier navigation experience for our agencies, partners, and internal staff.

What's Changing

Assisting Agencies and FDEM partners will need to transition their current processes with paper forms to using the new digital functionality within DEMES. DEMES functionality mimics current forms reducing the learning curve and providing an easier user interface.

Assisting Agencies will experience faster processing times, reduced work via pre-populated data fields, quality controls for data accuracy, and an improved user interface.

Questions regarding the Electric Grid Enhancement and Resiliency Grant should be directed to Berenice Hernandez: Berenice.Hernandez@em.myflorida.com

The application periods for these programs are closed.

2023/2024 Legislative Appropriations Program (Hurricane Ian & Nicole)
  1. Recorded Training
  2. Application Reference Guide
  3. PowerPoint Presentation  
  4. 2023/2024 Hurricane Legislative Appropriation Program - Q&A 
Legislative Appropriations Program for Hurricane Idalia

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