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Radiological Emergency Program

The  Division's Radiological Emergency Program has a responsibility to coordinate the response to a nuclear power plant emergency state and local agencies. The Division’s Radiological Emergency Program also has the responsibility of updating and coordinating the response plans with other organizations. 

Florida is home to five commercial nuclear reactors located at three sites, Crystal River, St. Lucie (Jensen Beach) and Homestead. The reactor located at Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant Site has been decommissioned for some time now and there are no plans to restart it. Two additional reactors are located in Alabama near the State line.

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant (Jensen Beach on Hutchinson Island)

Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant (Homestead in Miami-Dade County)

Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant (in Citrus County, Decommissioned)

Joseph Farley Nuclear Power Plant (near Dothan in Alabama)

Erek Culbreath
Lead Radiological Emergency Planner
(850) 815-4188

Kimberly Sharkey
Radiological Emergency Planner
St. Lucie Site Specialist
(850) 815-4321

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