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Logistics is responsible for ensuring the state is ready with logistical support to respond to any natural or man-made disasters via contract negations, vendor management, and warehousing operations. Logistics operates the three Logistics warehouses in Lakeland, Orlando, and Tallahassee while maintaining the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) and the Statewide Mutual Aid Assistance Agreements (SMAA).

The Section works to develop and maintain contracts and relationships with vendors and other partners to ensure plans and agreements are in place to ensure the proper commodities, transportation, and equipment resources are in place to disaster response. 

Christina Goetzman
Deputy Bureau Chief of Response
Logistics Section Chief

Orlando Arrindell
Logistics Program Manager

The Mutual Aid Branch facilitates emergency response across jurisdictional lines and oversees the reimbursement of costs resulting from emergency response deployments. The branch works directly with local, state, and federal Mutual Aid stakeholders to ensure an integrated and unified effort before, during, and after emergencies, planned events, and disasters. To accomplish this, the Mutual Aid Branch manages the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA), the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), and requests for Direct Federal Assistance (RRFs) for the State of Florida.

Chasity Brown
Mutual Aid Branch Director and EMAC Coordinator

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA)

DEMES Mutual Aid Processing

FDEM Mutual Aid has transitioned to all digital processes:

  • FDEM Mutual Aid processes must now be completed through a digital portal located at: www.fdemportal.com/grants. Please note that paper cost estimates and claims will not be accepted for FDEM reimbursement moving forward.
  • Additional information and resources about the system available at: www.floridadisaster.org/DEMES including registration instructions, job aids, and a recorded webinar for using the system.
  • To register agency, financial POCs will need to go to: www.fdemportal.com/grants and register. Once registration access has been approved by the FDEM Grants Management admins please send notification to MutualAid@em.myflorida.com and/or Chasity.Brown@em.myflorida.com to be granted Mutual Aid portal access. (If your agency already has access to the FDEM grants portal, then you will only need to email Mutual Aid to gain access to the portal.)

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA) 2023 Edition
SMAA Information Sheet
Mutual Aid Branch Standard Operating Guide (SOG)

Local to Local Mutual Aid and Planning Forms

Florida Resource Support Agreement (RSA)

Cost Estimate Form

Claim Summary Form

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

R-2 Claim Checklist
EMAC Mission Ready Package (MRP) Template

Contract and Vendor Management work with the state’s logistical vendors to ensure the readiness of commodities and resources are readily available to support the state’s response to a disaster event. This includes the contract management, coordination of equipment, and consistent readiness of the logistical vendors.

Contract & Vendor Manager

Rahul Jupaka
Response Financial Officer

Terrance Washington
Response Financial Officer

Warehouse and Asset Management are responsible for the management of the Division’s warehouse operations, including the readiness of the three Logistics warehouses. This would include the management of the Division’s Fleet Operations, Logistic Staging Area Coordination, and the Division’s resources such as water, meals, and generators.

Brendan Blais
State Warehousing Manager

Jeff Swain
Fleet and Facility Operations

Erin Oelze
Accountable Property Officer

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