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Logistics is responsible for ensuring the state is ready with logistical support to respond to any natural or man-made disasters via contract negations, vendor management, and warehousing operations. Logistics operates the State Logistics Response Center (SLRC) in Orlando, while maintaining the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), and the Statewide Mutual Aid Assistance Agreements (SMAA). The Section works to develop and maintain contracts and relationships with vendors and other partners to ensure plans and agreements are in place to ensure the proper commodities, transportation, and equipment resources are in place to disaster response. 

Kenneth DeCastro
Logistics Section Chief

Jeff Swain
Deputy Logistics Section Chief

The Mutual Aid and EMAC Branch manages the statewide mutual aid agreements and the implementation of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, to include resource allocation and resource coordination.  Working closely with the state, local and federal assets to ensure any resource shortfalls are addressed in a timely, efficient, and coordinated manner.

Alex Furlong
Mutual Aid Branch Director and EMAC Coordinator

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA)

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA) 2018 Edition
Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement -  Form B
Form C - Annual Contact Update
SMAA Information Sheet
SMAA Claim Form 3.0
Mutual Aid Branch Standard Operating Guide (SOG)


Modified ICS 214
Florida EMAC Expense Spreadsheet
Florida EMAC Reimbursement Guidance
EMAC Mission Ready Package (MRP) Template

Contract and Vendor Management work with the state’s logistical vendors to ensure the readiness of commodities and resources are readily available to support the state’s response to a disaster event. This includes the contract management, coordination of equipment, and consistent readiness of the logistical vendors.

Nick Mayernick
Contract & Vendor Manager

Warehouse and Asset Management are responsible for the management of the Division’s warehouse operations to include the readiness of the State Logistics Resource Center (SLRC). This would include the management of the Division’s Fleet Operations, Logistic Staging Area Coordination and the Division’s resources such as water, meals, and generators.

Jeff Swain
Deputy Logistics Section Chief

Jeff Egan
SLRC Facility Manager

Scott Parrish
SLRC Property Manager

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