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What to Take to a Shelter

In most cases, it would be safe, and smart, to bring all components of your Emergency Kit to the shelter. Remember, this kit should include daily necessities, medications and other supplies that will help you survive an emergency situation and potentially live on your own for at least three days. Your Emergency Kit should include items that get you through your unique daily routine.

Visit the Emergency Kit section of our website for a comprehensive listing of materials which should be included in your personal kit. Special consideration and attention must be given to the preparation of your Emergency Kit. In addition to the items listed on the Emergency Kit page, persons with disabilities, their families and/or caregivers should also be absolutely certain to bring the following items with you to the emergency shelter:

  • A 30-day supply of all required medications
  • Copy of all prescriptions and their dosage or treatment information
  • All medical equipment and supplies (oxygen tanks, etc.) required to sustain the special needs of an individual for a minimum of two weeks
  • Medical information including the name and phone number of medical provider/doctor, home health agency, copies of your medical insurance and/or Medicare and Medicaid cards
  • Personal information (Identification with photo and current address, Social Security card, insurance papers, emergency contacts and any other valuable papers)
  • Any special dietary needs or food (must be non-perishable)
  • Back-up energy sources for essential medical equipment

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