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The Infrastructure Section is responsible for performing hurricane evacuation shelter surveys on a statewide basis and providing technical assistance to counties with retrofitting potential hurricane shelters. Through the use of surveys, the Section is able to identify state and local facilities that are appropriately located, designed and meet the safety criteria.  The Section includes the Emergency Support Function 19 – Emergency Fuel Program.

Christina Goetzman
Infrastructure Manager

Emergency Support Function 19-Fuels monitors the transportation fuel (i.e.  Unleaded, diesel, Jet A, and alternate fuels) and propane industry. During a disaster, ESF 19-Fuels supports the SERT and other first responders by providing the fuel they need to save lives and protect infrastructure. ESF 19-Fuels works with industry partners to assist in responding to and recovering from shortages and disruptions in the supply and delivery of fuel.

Richard Brown
ESF 19 – Fuels

From the data collected from the surveys, the Section develops the biennial Statewide Emergency Shelter Plan (SESP) and annual Shelter Retrofit Report (SRR). The SRR provides The Division a list of state and local facilities recommended to be retrofitted using state funds to meet hurricane evacuation shelter safety criteria. The Section serves as hurricane evacuation shelter facility program staff for coordination on codes and standards issues.

Megan Hill
Shelter Development Program

The Infrastructure Section serves as the programmatic advisor for state emergency management facility construction or renovation-related state-funded grants ($3 million annual appropriation from Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program). The Section also manages certain federally funded program grants and state-funded member project grants according to annual state budget appropriations.

Berenice Hernandez Avila
Infrastructure Contracts and Grants Specialist


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