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Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms

This list is not designed to be an authoritative source, merely a handy reference. Certain organizations and terms listed herein are obsolete, but are included because that may still appear in publications and other correspondence.

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- A -

A-Team     Advance Team

AA     Administrative Assistant

AAA     Area Agency on Aging

AAA    American Automobile Association

AARP    American Association of Retired People

ABC     Acting Bureau Chief

AC     Area Coordinator

ACGIH    American Council of Government Industrial Hygienists

ADMIN    Administration

ADPAC     Animal Disaster Planning Advisory Committee

AFRCC     Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

AHCA      Agency for Health Care Administration

AG    Adjutant General / Agriculture

ALARA    As Low As Reasonable Achievable

ALF    Assisted Living Facility

ALS     Advance Life Support

AMA      American Medical Association

ANG    Air National Guard

ANI     American Nuclear Insurers

AO     Area of Operations

AOR     Area of Responsibility

APHIS    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

APWA    American Public Works Association

ARC      American Red Cross

ARCA     Areas Requiring Corrective Action

ARES     Amateur Radio Emergency Services

ARNG    Army National Guard

ARRL      American Radio Relay League

ASAP    As Soon As Possible

ASCE    American Society of Civil Engineers

ASFPM     Association of State Floodplain Managers

ATF      Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives- Federal

ATSDR    Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ATTN    Attention

AWIPS    Advance Weather Interactive Processing System

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- B -

BBS     Bulletin Board Service

BC     Bureau Chief / Branch Chief

BCPS     Bureau of Compliance Planning and Support

BENT SPEAR        Nuclear Incident

BFE     Base Flood Elevation

BIA    Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLEVE    Boiling Liquid Evaporating Vapor Explosion

BLS    Basic Life Support

BOAF     Building Officials Association of Florida

BOR      Board of Regents

BROKEN ARROW     Nuclear Accident

BTU    British Thermal Unit

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- C -

CAC     Community Assistance Consultant

CAMEO    Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations

CAP     Civil Air Patrol

CAR    Capability Assessment Report

CAS     Chemical Abstract Service

CAT     Crisis Action Team

CAT     Category

CAT 1    Winds of 74 to 95 miles per hour    (Hurricane)

CAT 2    Winds of 96 to 110 miles per hour     (Hurricane)

CAT 3    Winds of 111 to 130 miles per hour     (Hurricane)

CAT 4    Winds of 131 to 155 miles per hour     (Hurricane)

CAT 5    Winds greater than 155 miles per hour    (Hurricane)   

CATEGORY  A   Debris Removal    (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  B    Emergency Protective Measures     (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  C    Road and Bridges      (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  D    Water control Facilities     (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  E    Building and Contents     (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  F    Utilities      (Public Assistance)

CATEGORY  G    Parks, Recreational, Other     (Public Assistance)

CAV     Community Assistance Visit

CBZ     Coastal Building Zone

CCCL     Coastal Construction Control Line

CCCSP     Comprehensive Capitol Complex Security Plan

CDBG     Community Development Block Grant

CDC      Center for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Public Health Service - Federal

CDERA    Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency

CDRG     Catastrophic Disaster Response Group

CEMP     Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

CEO     Chief Executive Officer

CEOC     County Emergency Operations Center

CEPPO    Chemical emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office

CERCLA     Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

CERP     Capitol Emergency Response Plan

CERT    Community Emergency Response Team / Computer Emergency Response Team

CDT    Central Daylight Time

CFDA     Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

CFO    Chief Finance Officer

CFR     Code of Federal Regulation

CG    Coast Guard

CHHA     Coastal High Hazard Area

CHEMTREC    Chemical transportation Emergency Center

Ci     Curie

CINC     Commander-In-Chief

CINCFOR     Commander-In-Chief, Forces Command

CINCLANT      Commander-In-Chief, Atlantic Command

CIO    Chief Information Officer

CIP     Critical Infrastructure Protection

CISD    Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

CO     Commanding Officer

COBRA    Coastal Barriers Resources Act

COG    Continuity of Government

CoM     Consequence Management

CONUS    Continental (or Contiguous) United States

CONUSA     Continental United States Army

COTS    Commercial  Off-The-Shelf

Co-SITREP     County Situation Report

CP     Command Post

CPA     Community Program Administrator / Closest Point of Approach

CPC    Climate Prediction Center

CPHU     County Public Health Unit

CPI     Consumer Price Index

CPR    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CrM     Crisis Management

CRS     Community Rating System

CSBG     Community Service Block Grant

CWA     County Warning Area

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- D -

DABT     Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco - State

DAC     Disaster Application Center

DACS      Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

DAE    Disaster Assistance Employee

DAP     Disaster Assistance Programs

DART    Disaster Animal Response Team

DBF      Department of Finance - State Chief Financial Officer

DBPR      Department of Business and Professional Regulation

DCE    Defense Coordinating Element

DCF      Department of Children and Families

DCO Defense Coordinating Officer

DCP Division of Capital Police

DCO Defense Coordinating Officer - Dept. Of Defense

Decon    Decontamination

DEFCON    Defense Condition

DEM      Division of Emergency Management

DEP     Department of Environmental Protection

DEST     Domestic Emergency Support Team - FBI Team

DFCO     Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer

DFCO-M    Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer for Mitigation

DFO     Disaster Field Office - Federal

DFTO    Disaster Field Training Office

DHHS      Department of Health and Human Services - Federal

DHSMV      Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

DLS     Disaster Legal Services

DMA     Department of Military Affairs

DMAT     Disaster Medical Assistance Team

DMH    Disaster Mental Health

DMHT    Disaster Mental Health Team

DMORT     Disaster Mortuary Response Team

DMS      Department of Management Services

DOB     Duplication of Benefits / Date of Birth

DOC      Department of Corrections

DOD      Department of Defense - Federal

DOE      Department of Energy - Federal

DOE      Department of Education - State

DOEA      Department of Elder Affairs

DOF      Division of Forestry

DOH      Department of Health

DOJ     Department of Justice - Federal

DOL      Department of Labor - Federal

DOMS     Director of Military Support - US Army

DOPG     Duty Officers Procedure Guide

DOR      Department of Revenue

DOS      Department of State - Florida

DOT      Department of Transportation - Federal

DP    Domestic Preparedness

DPIG     Disaster Preparedness Improvement Grant

DRC     Disaster Recovery Center

DRM     Disaster Recovery Manager

DRO     Disaster Recovery Operations

DSCO     Deputy State Coordinating Officer

DSO    Disaster Safety Officer

DSR     Damage Survey Report

DTMF     Dual Tone Multi Frequency

DUA     Disaster Unemployment Assistance

DULL SWORD     Nuclear Safety Incident

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- E -

EADB     Emergency Authorities Database - Department of Defense

EAL     Emergency Action Level

EAM    Emergency Action Message

EAS     Emergency Alert System (formerly EBS)

EBS     Emergency Broadcast System (now EAS)

ECCS     Emergency Command and Control System

ECO     Emergency Coordinating Officer

EDT     Eastern Daylight Time

EEI     Elements of Essential Information

EENET    Emergency Education Network

EEO     Equal Employment Opportunity

EHS     Extremely Hazardous Substance

EIE     Emergency Information Exchange

EM     Emergency Management

EMA    Emergency Management Agency

EMAC     Emergency Management Assistance Compact

EMI     Emergency Management Institute

EMP    Electromagnetic Pulse

EMPATF     Emergency Management Preparedness and Assistance Trust Fund

EMPTY QUIVER     Theft, seizure, or less of a nuclear weapon or component

EMS     Emergency Medical Services

EMT     Emergency Medical Technician

EMT-P     Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic

EMTC     Emergency Management Training Center

EMWIN    Emergency Managers Weather Information Network

ENC     Emergency News Center

ENDEX    End of Exercise

ENSO    El Nino / Southern Oscillation

EO     Executive Order

EOC     Emergency Operations Center

EOD    Explosive Ordnance

EOF     Emergency Operations Facility

EOG     Executive Office of the Governor

EPA      Environmental Protection Agency

EPCRA     Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act

EPG    Emergency Planning Guide

EPI    Emergency Public Information

EPLO     Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer

EPZ     Emergency Planning Zone

ERT     Emergency Response Team

ERT-A     Emergency Response Team - Advance Element - FEMA

ERT-N     National Emergency Response Team - FEMA

ESATCOM     Emergency Satellite Communications System

ESF     Emergency Support Function

ESF #1     Transportation Emergency Support Function

ESF #2     Communications Emergency Support Function

ESF #3     Public Works and Engineering Emergency Support Function

ESF #4     Firefighting Emergency Support Function

ESF #5     Information and Planning Emergency Support Function

ESF #6     Mass Care Emergency Support Function

ESF #7     Resource Support Emergency Support Function

ESF #8     Health and Medical Services Emergency Support Function

ESF #9     Search and Rescue Emergency Support Function

ESF #10     Hazardous Materials Emergency Support Function

ESF #11     Food and Water Emergency Support Function

ESF #12     Energy Emergency Support Function

ESF # 13     Military Support Emergency Support Function

ESF #14     Public Information Emergency Support Function

ESF #15     Volunteers and Donations Emergency Support Function

ESF # 16     Law Enforcement and Security Emergency Support Function

ESF # 17     Animal Issues Emergency Support Function

EST     Eastern standard Time /    Emergency Support Team

ETA     Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD     Estimated Time of Departure

ETO     Exercise Training Officer

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- F -

F.S. Florida Statute

F-SERT Forward State Emergency Response Team

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAB Florida Association of Broadcasters

FAC Florida Administrative Code

FADED GAINT    Nuclear reactor radiological incident/ accident

FAQ    Frequently Asked Questions

FasT Federal Assessment Team - Federal

FAVA/CA    Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for Caribbean Action

FAX Facsimile

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCG Florida Coordinating Group

FCIS Florida Crime Information Service

FCO Federal Coordinating Officer

FCT Florida Communities Trust

FDA Food and Drug Administration - Federal

FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FECA Florida Electrical Cooperative Association

FEIL Florida Emergency Information Line

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEPA Florida Emergency Preparedness Association

FERT Federal Emergency Response Team

FFAMIS Florida Fiscal Accounting Management Information System

FFCA Florida Fire Chiefs Association

FG&FWFC     Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission (see New FWC)

FHFA Florida Housing Finance Agency

FHP Florida Highway Patrol

FHWA     Federal Highway Administration

FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map

FLDOT Florida Department of Transportation

FLNG Florida National Guard


FLSASP Florida State Agency for Surplus Property - State

FM Frequency Modulation

FMAP Flood Mitigation Assistance Program

FMHO Federal Hazard Mitigation Officer

FMP Florida Marine Patrol (obsolete - See FWC)

FNARS Federal National Radio System

FNATS Federal National Teletype System

FNAVS Federal National Voice System

FORSCOM     Forces Command

FRCC     Florida Reliability Coordinating Council

FRERP   Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan

FRMAC     Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center

FRMAP     Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Plan

FRP     Federal Response Plan

FS    Forest Service

FSA     Farm Services Agency

FSFC      Florida State Fire College

FTE    Full Time Equivalent

FTS     Federal Telecommunications Service

FWC      Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

FY    Fiscal Year

FYI    For Your Information

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- G -

GAO   General Accounting Office

GAR Governor’s Authorized Representative

GENSET Generator Set

GDIN    Global Disaster Information Network

GETS    Government Emergency Telephone Service

GIS Geographic Information System

GMT    Greenwich Mean Time ( ZULU Time)

GOES    Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

GPM    Gallons Per Minute

GPS    Global Positioning System

GR General Revenue

GSA General Services Administration

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- H -

HARB     Homestead Air Reserve Base

HARRTF     Hurricane Andrew Recovery and Reconstruction Trust Fund

HAZMAT     Hazardous Materials

HAZMIT     Hazard Mitigation

HCD     Housing and Community Development - DCA

HES     Hurricane Evacuation Study

HF     High Frequency

HF/SSB    High Frequency / Single Side Band

HFA     Housing Finance Agency

HLS     Hurricane Local Statement

HLT     Hurricane Liaison Team

HM     Hazard Mitigation

HMEP     Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness

HMGP     Hazard Mitigation Grant Program - Federal

HMIS     Hazardous Materials Information System

HMO     Hazard Mitigation Officer

HP     Hurricane Program - FEMA

HQ     Headquarters

HQDA     Headquarters, Department of the Army

HQUSACE     Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

HRD     Hot Ring Down

HRT    Hostage Rescue Team

HSO     Human Services Officer - Same as a Individual Assistance Officer (IAO).

HTML    HyperText Markup Language

HSUS    Humane Society of the United States

HUD      Department of Housing and Urban Development - Federal

HURREVAC     Hurricane Evacuation program - FEMA

Hz    Hertz

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- I -

IA     Individual Assistance

IACP     International Association of Police Chiefs

IAEM    International Atomic Energy Agency / International Association of Emergency Managers

IAFC     International Association of Fire Chiefs

IAFF     International Association of Fire Fighters

IAO     Individual Assistance Officer - same as a Human Services Officer (HSO).

IAP     Incident Action Plan

IBHS    Institute for Business and Home Safety

IC     Incident Commander

ICMA    International City/County Manager's Association

ICP    Incident Command Post

ICS     Incident Command System

ID    Identification

IEMC     Integrated Emergency Management Course

IFG     Individual and Family Grant Program

IG     Inspector General

IMS     Incident Management System

IMT     Incident Management Team

INFO    Information

INMARSAT    International Maritime Satellite

INS    Immigration and Naturalization Service

IO     Infrastructure Officer - same as a Public Assistance Officer (PAO)

IPC     Ingestion Pathway County / Initial Point of Contact

IPZ     Ingestion Pathway Zone

IR    Infrared

IRR    Initial Response Resources

IRS      Internal Revenue Service

ISDN    Integrated Services Digital Network

ISS     Information System Services

IT    Information Technology

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- J -

JCC Joint Coordination Center - Federal

JCS  Joint Chiefs of Staff - DOD

JIC Joint Information Center

JTF Joint Task

JSAC Joint State Area Command

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- K -

KI     Potassium Iodide

KSA    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

KSC      Kennedy Space Center

KW     Kilowatt

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- L -

LAN    Local Area Network

LANDSAT    Land Satellite

LBR     Legislative Budget Request

LCSO     Leon County Sheriffs Association

LD    Lethal Dose

LEA    Law Enforcement Agency

LEPC     Local Emergency Planning Committee

L.F.     Laws of Florida

LFA     Lead Federal Agency

LGR     Local Government Radio

LHMO     Local Hazard Mitigation Officer

LIHEAP     Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program

LMS     Local Mitigation Strategy

LNO     Liaison Officer

LOG    Logistics

LSA     Logistical Staging Area

LTR     Long Term Redevelopment

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- M -

MAA     Mutual Aid Agreement

MACC    Multi-Agency Coordination Center

MACDIS     Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances, DOD

MARS    Military Affiliated Radio System

MBE     Minority Business Enterprise

MEO     Managing Emergency Operations

MEOW     Maximum Envelope of Wind / Water

MERL     Mobile Emergency Radiological Laboratory

MERS     Mobile Emergency Response System

MERVS     Mobile Emergency Response Vehicles

MET    Meteorological / Meteorologist

MHA     Multiple Hazard Analysis

MHz    Megahertz

MIC     Meteorologist In Charge - NWS

MMR     Mass Migration Response

MMST     Metropolitan Medical Strike

MMRS     Metropolitan Medical Response

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOM Maximum of the Maximums

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

mr Millirem

mR milliroentgen

MRE Meals Ready-to-Eat

MSCA Military Support for Civil Authorities

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

MSU Medical Support Unit

MW Megawatt

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- N -

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAWAS National Warning System

NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

NCEP National Center for Environmental Prediction

NCP National Contingency Plan

NDMS National Disaster Medical System

NECC National Emergency Coordination Center - FEMA

NEMA National Emergency Management Association

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NEST National Emergency Support Team - DOE

NETC National Emergency Training Center - FEMA

NFA National Fire Academy

NFIP National Flood Insurance Program

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

NHC National Hurricane Center

NICP Nuclear Incident Contingency Plan - FEMA

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOFA Notice of Funding Availability

NOI Notice of Interest

NOV Notice Of Violation

NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC National Response Center

NRCS National Resource Conservation Service

NRT National Response Team

NSEP National Security Emergency Preparedness

NTC National Teleregistration Center

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NUREG NRC documents reference - Federal

NWR NOAA Weather Radio

NWS National Weather Service

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- O -

OEM    Office of Emergency Management

OIC Officer In Charge

OMB Office of Management and Budget - Federal

OMC Operations Management Consultant

OPB Office of Planning and Budgeting - State

OPCOM Operational Command

OPCON Operational Control

OPS Other Personal Services

OSC On-Scene Commander

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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- P -

PA     Public Assistance / Public Affairs / Public Address system

PAD     Protective Action Decision

PAG     Protective Action Guide

PAO     Public Assistance Officer - refers to an infrastructure Officer (IO)

PAO     Public Affairs Officer

PAR          Protection Action Recommendation

PBPB     Performance based Program Budgeting

PDA     Preliminary Damage Assessment

PDD-39     Presidential Decision Directive 39 - U.S. policy on



PfP     NATO Partnership for Peace

PIO Public Information Officer

PNP Private Non-Profit

POC Public Officials Conference

POTS Plain Old Telephone System

PSA Public Service Announcement

PSC Public Service Commission

PSN People with Special Needs

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- Q -

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- R -

R Roentgen

RAC Regional Assistance Committee - Federal

RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

RC Recovery Centers

RCMP Residential Construction Mitigation Program

RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

REEF Radiological Emergency Evaluation Facility

REM Roentgen Equivalent Man

REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness

RERO Radiological Emergency Response Operations

RFA Request For Federal Assistance

RFP Request For Proposal / Request For Payment

RIAT Rapid Impact Assessment Team - State

RIS Resource Identification Strategy

RMEC Regional Military Emergency Coordinator

RO Radiological Officer

ROC Regional Operations Center - FEMA

RPC Regional Planning Council

RPM Resource Planning Management

RQ Reportable Quantity

RRC Regional Relief Centers

RRT Rapid Response Team - State

RRT Radiological Response Team - Federal

RSO Radiation Safety Officer

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- S -

SA Salvation Army

SALEMDUG State And Local Emergency Management Data Users Group

SAMAS State Accounting and Management System

SAR Search and Rescue

SARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act - SARA Title III

SBA Small Business Administration

SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCEPC Senior Civil Emergency Preparedness Committee - NATO

SCO State Coordinating Officer

SEABEES United States Navy construction battalion

SEOC State Emergency Operations Center

SEP Supplemental Environmental Project

SEPLO State Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer

SERC State Emergency Response Commission

SERT State Emergency Response Team

SFHA Special Flood Hazard Area

SFRT Shelter Feasibility Review Team

SHMART State Hazard Mitigation and Recovery Team

SHMO State Hazard Mitigation Officer

SHO State Health Office

SHOESOC State Health Office Emergency Support Operations Center

SIC Code Standard Industrial Classification Code

SITREP Situation Report

SLA State and Local Assistance

SLEMACC State Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Command Center

SLOSH Sea, Lake and Overland Surges for Hurricanes

SMAA Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

SMART Strategic Metropolitan Assistance and Recovery Teams

SMRAP Southern Mutual Radiological Assistance Plan

SNAPS State Negotiated Agreement Price Schedule

SNTF Special Needs Task Force

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SOW Scope of Work

SPITFIRE Systematic Program Identification Team - DCA

SPURS Statewide Purchasing System

SREMAC Southern Regional Emergency Management Assistance Compact

SST Sea Surface Temperature

STARC State Area Command

SUS State University System

SWP State Warning Point

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- T -

TAG Technical Advisory Group / The Adjutant General

TCP Traffic Control Point

TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

TDR Technical Data Report

TFD Tallahassee Fire Department

TLD Thermoluminescent Dosimeter

TMI Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant

TO Training Officer

TPD Tallahassee Police Department

TPQ Threshold Planning Quantity

TQM Total Quality Management

TRANSCAER Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response

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- U -

UHF Ultra High Frequency

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

US United States

USAR Urban Search and Rescue

USA United States Army

USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

USAF United States Air Force

USCG United States Coast Guard

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture

USGS United States Geological Service

USMC United States Marine Corps

USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve

USMM United States Merchant Marine

USN United States Navy

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- V -

VA Veterans Affairs - Federal

VHF Very High Frequency

VOAD Volunteer Organizations and Donations

VRG Virtual Rain Gauge

VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal

V-Zone Coastal High Hazard Area

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- W -

WATS Wide Area Telephone Service

WCM Warning Coordination Meteorologist - NWS

WHO World Health Organization

WMD Water Management District

WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMO World Meteorological Organization

WRSAME Weather Radio Specific Area Message Encoder

WSO Weather Service Office

WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office

WWW World Wide Web

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- X -


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- Y -

Y2K Year 2000

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- Z -

Zulu Universal Coordinated Time

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- # -

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