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Recovery Publications

Some of the forms and publications used in the Recovery programs (Public Assistance, Individual Assistance and Environmental and Debris) come directly from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and can be obtained from the following FEMA web site pages:

Environmental and Debris

Individual Assistance



The following forms are available for download from this site in WordPerfect (WPD), MS Word (DOC) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format:

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA) Mutual Aid Responder Claim Form  
Time Extension Request Form    
Insurance Commitment Form (FEMA Form 90-44)    
Request for Improved Project  
Request for Alternate Project  
Request for Advance or Reimbursement for PA Funds  
Summary of Documentation in Support of Amount Claimed for Eligible Disaster Work  
Public Assistance Quarterly Report  
Contract Work Summary Record  
Force Account Equipment Summary Record  
Force Account Labor Summary Record  
Applicant's Fringe Benefits Calculation Worksheet  


Materials Summary Record  
Rented Equipment Summary Record  
Travel Summary Record  
Total Costs Summary (Work Completed To-Date)   DOC PDF
Request For Large Project Final Inspection   DOC PDF
Request For Small Project Netting   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet First Page   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Continuation Page   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Historical Considerations   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Contract Costs   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Page for Maps and Sketches   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Materials Used and Costs   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Page for Photographs   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Special Consideration Questions   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Special Consideration Information   DOC PDF
Request For Public Assistance   DOC PDF
Private Non-Profit Eligibility Details   DOC PDF
Project Worksheet Applicant's Owned Equipment Costs   DOC PDF


Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

Florida Emergency Management Division (DEM) Reimbursement Guideline for Mutual Aid Assisting Parties Under the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement (SMAA(see Public Assistance Forms below for Claim Form)

Standard Operating Procedures


Having problems deciphering those FEMA, DEM, USDA documents? Are there words you've never seen before, much less are not found in any dictionary you may have access to? TTMBUA! (Then they must be using acronyms!) Click on this link for a handy reference to most of the acronyms found in today's bureaucratic reading material:


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