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Elevation Certificates

Beginning January 1, 2017, Florida Statute 472.0366 requires a surveyor and mapper shall, within 30 days after completion, submit to the division a copy of each elevation certificate that he or she completes. The copy must be unaltered, except that the surveyor and mapper may redact the name of the property owner. The copy need not be signed and sealed when submitted to the division; however, an original signed and sealed copy must be retained in the surveyor and mapper’s records as prescribed by rule of the board.

In support of this submission process by surveyor and mappers, the Division has created a web application for submitting elevation certificates that is available here

Elevation certificates previously submitted to the Division may be viewed here.

Additionally, some local governments make elevation certificates available online and this web map may be used to identify these local links. If you are unable to locate an elevation certificate submitted within our application or unable to find a local link in the above web map, please reach out directly to your local government to obtain the elevation certificate on file.

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