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Elevation Certificates


Beginning January 1st, 2023, Florida Statute 472.0366 requires a surveyor and a mapper to submit a digital copy of every Elevation Certificate (EC) they complete to the Division. To comply:

  • ECs must submit it within 30 days of completion.
  • The EC must be unaltered (with one exception: the property owner’s name may be redacted).
  • The EC does not need to be signed and sealed. However, an original signed and sealed copy must be retained in the surveyor’s and mapper’s records.

We are pleased to share that the Division is partnering with Forerunner to support this new submission process. Forerunner’s software gives users the ability to upload ECs to the state and view submitted ECs. Users can also explore property profiles that include parcel information, building information, and pertinent flood data included in the National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL).

elevatiov certificates

If you want to check if a property has an EC for a permit, insurance, or other reason, you can now do so by searching the property on FDEM’s public website. If you are not able to locate an EC in our system or have questions, please check out our Knowledge Base, or contact us using the Get Help form.

Disclaimer: The Florida Division of Emergency Management makes no warranties or representations to the accuracy of Elevation Certificates available through this website.

Some local governments make elevation certificates available online and this web application may be used to identify these local links, where available. If you are unable to locate an elevation certificate submitted within our system or unable to find a local link in the above web application, please reach out directly to the local government where the property is located to obtain the elevation certificate on file.



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