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New to F-ROC? Here's what you need to know

What is F-ROC?
Florida Recovery Obligation Calculation (F-ROC) is a new initiative, sponsored by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) that standardizes, streamlines, and simplifies the Public Assistance process. blobid1.png




What does F-ROC standardize?

Applicant's Projects

Forms and Documentation

All Projects will have the same look and feel which will result in fewer questions, faster approvals, and a more streamlined Public Assistance process.

Simplifying the process by using intuitive features such as drop-down menus, limited free text, structured data, and essential data fields.


Key Pillars of F-ROC


Complete Your DRA Before 12/31!

What is the DRA?

The Disaster Readiness Assessment (DRA) is a questionnaire that aims to identify how well your organization is prepared for Recovery. All DRA questions are broken down into five sub-categories:


Here's how you can benefit from completing the DRA:


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