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What is F-ROC?

Florida Recovery Obligation Calculation (F-ROC)

F-ROC is a new initiative, sponsored by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), that standardizes, streamlines, and simplifies the Public Assistance process. This will result in a quicker recovery and reduced risk for Applicants.


F-ROC will Standardize:

•Applicant’s Projects: all projects will have the same look and feel which will result in fewer questions, faster approvals, and a more streamlined Public Assistance process.

•Forms and Documentation: simplifying the process by using intuitive features such as drop-down menus, limited free text, structured data, and essential data fields.

Access F-ROC Documentation HERE


Meet Rocky, F-ROC’s official spokesperson and your guide to the F-ROC initiative. In this video, Rocky will highlight how and why the F-ROC initiative was created.

In this video, Rocky will discuss F-ROC forms, processes, and documentation, as well as provide a checklist of items you should consider completing before an event happens.


In this final video of our series, Rocky will discuss what’s next in the short and long term for F-ROC.

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