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Director Wes Maul Invests in Upgrades to Florida’s Emergency Communication Infrastructure, Improving Local, State and Federal Capabilities


Director Wes Maul Invests in Upgrades to Florida’s Emergency Communication Infrastructure, Improving Local, State and Federal Capabilities

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM) announced today that Director Wes Maul has invested in significant upgrades to our state’s emergency communications infrastructure.

Director Maul said, “Ensuring that every community in Florida has the necessary infrastructure to respond effectively in times of emergency is one of my top priorities.  This allocation will not only greatly assist our local partners in their response and preparedness efforts, but will also substantially augment current national disaster strategy initiatives.”

Of the more than $238,000 in grant funding available for utilization by DEM, $141,000 will be used for significant upgrades to EMNet; a secure, specialized computer system critical to maintaining response operations during major disasters.  EMNet is an internet protocol suite (TCP/IP), satellite-based messaging system that enables robust, redundant communications between emergency managers at the federal, state and local levels.  In cooperation with the Florida Emergency Alert System and National Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, EMNet allows users to send secure messages in an environment where communication capabilities may be degraded, such as during a major hurricane or other large-scale disaster.  Satellite broadcast systems such as EMNet guarantee the near-instantaneous delivery of critical messages to multiple recipients.

Approximately $78,000 have been allocated to improve the security and resiliency of Information Technology systems critical to supporting federal, state and local response efforts in Florida.  These systems provide emergency managers at all levels of government the ability to request resources, issue missions and coordinate response operations.  They are essential to effecting a strong, multilayered and well-coordinated response to any major disaster. 

An additional $21,000 will be utilized in the purchase of 10 deployable kits that provide resilient connectivity when and where normal communication capabilities have been degraded.  These CradlePoint wireless modem and routers kits allow emergency managers across Florida to quickly restore connectivity at emergency operating centers, joint field offices and disaster recovery centers following impacts from major disasters.

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Updated: Thursday, September 27, 2018
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