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Florida Division of Emergency Management Highlights Manufactured Home Preparedness


Florida Division of Emergency Management Highlights Manufactured Home Preparedness

TALLAHASSEE, Fl – Today, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (Division) published important information that can help manufactured homeowners better prepare for severe weather. This information is available now on the Division’s website.

“Florida boasts the most manufactured homeowners in the country with over 800,000 residents living in these structures throughout the state,” said Division Executive Director Kevin Guthrie. “There are several steps that homeowners can take now to mitigate against potential disasters, and I urge Floridians to take all necessary precautions as we continue through the 2023 Hurricane Season.”

The most important precaution residents can take to reduce potential damage is to protect the areas where wind can enter. Manufactured homes are particularly vulnerable to high winds displacing the home. Strengthening the exterior of the house can help prevent wind and debris from tearing large openings in the home, making the interior vulnerable to dangerous weather conditions.

Many styles of manufactured homes require different tie-down and anchoring systems. Checking the quality of these systems before a disaster is essential as these systems may worsen over time and need updates due to wear and tear.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Making sure all items outside of the home are fastened and put away so they do not become dangerous debris in extreme winds.
  • Fastening items inside the home in the event it is knocked loose by severe weather conditions.
  • Knowing where and when to evacuate when local officials issue an evacuation order. It is never safe to remain in a manufactured home during a high wind event such as a tropical storm, hurricane, thunderstorm, or tornado.

The best way to make sure you are ready for severe weather, is to have an expert evaluate your home to see if repairs are needed. There may be programs available in your area that can help with costs and services related to securing your mobile home, including the Gulf Coast State College Mobile Home Tie-Down Program.

For weather updates and safety tips, follow the Division on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @FLSERT.

Updated: Wednesday, August 9, 2023
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