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Thank you for your interest in the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s digital subscription services. The Division offers a variety of newsletters, updates and announcements to keep you informed about its programs, activities and events. Below is a brief description of each digital publication.

If you are interested in subscribing to any of these topics, please enter your email address on our subscriber page. From there you will be taken to the subscription page where you can decide which topics you would like to receive. All of these digital publications are available for free, and you may update your subscription preferences at any time.



Mitigation Bulletin Newsletter

The quarterly e-newsletter contains information from FDEM and other partners on a variety of mitigation related topics from across Florida. Bulletins are published every March, June, September, and December, and previous publications can be found on the FDEM website.

Mitigate FL Workgroup

The Mitigate FL Workgroup is the statewide interagency mitigation workgroup required by Florida Statute 252.3655. Quarterly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of March, June, September, and December, where information is shared about ongoing mitigation projects, new mitigation opportunities, and other mitigation -related topics. Past meeting documentation can be found on the FDEM website.

Local Mitigation Strategy Communications

County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) working groups are required by Florida Administrative Code 27P-22 and are responsible for maintaining and updating county LMS plans, coordinating mitigation activities within the county, and developing/implementing mitigation projects.

Mitigation Grant Announcements

The Mitigation Bureau administers three Federal mitigation grants and one State mitigation grant including the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC), Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA), and Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (HLMP). Announcements include published Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO) and Notice of Funding Availabilities (NOFA), webinar and training opportunities, grant resources, and more.

Office of Floodplain Management Announcements

The Office of Floodplain Management serves as the State Coordinating Agency of the National Flood Insurance Program. Announcements include upcoming floodplain trainings, guidance updates or changes in policy/legislation, Florida Building Code updates, post-disaster floodplain information, and more.

Mitigation Training Information

The Mitigation Bureau offers multiple mitigation-related training opportunities, including G-393 Mitigation for Emergency Management, FL-391 LMS Update Manual Workshop, mitigation grant webinars, and more.



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