Tropical Storm Nicole For Recovery Information

Hurricane Ian For Recovery Information

Broward County Flooding For Recovery Information

2018 Statewide Emergency Shelter Plan

Appendix B - State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF)- FBC, &453.25 Public Shelter Design Criteria
Appendix C - ARC 4496 - Standards for Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Selection
Appendix D - Acronyms
Appendix E - Glossary
Appendix F - Mass Care Standards and Indicators, Version 011-072209
Appendix G - Guidance for Implementation of Public Shelter Design Criteria
Appendix H - Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Net Usability Multiplication Factor Estimates for Florida Department of Education Facilities
Appendix I - Department of Education Memorandum on “Hurricane Shelters in New Educational Facilities,” dated October 31, 2001
Appendix J - Category 5 Shelter Demand
Appendix K - Guidance for Selection of Impact Resistant Constructed Wall and Roof Assemblies
Appendix L Part 1 - ADA Checklist for Emergency Shelters
Appendix L Part 2 - The ADA and Emergency Shelters: Access for All in Emergencies and Disasters

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