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The purpose of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) RECON Unit is to provide an initial assessment of the impacted area boundaries, evacuation routes and communities for the SERT. Information will be provided to the SERT Chief and the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Plans and Operations Sections. RECON Teams expedite situation assessments of areas impacted by emergencies when deployed. RECON Teams move expeditiously through damaged areas relaying information that assists the SERT with meeting the following Standing Orders:

  1. Establish Communications with impacted areas
  2. Search and Secure
  3. Meet Basic Humans Needs
    1. Medical
    2. Water
    3. Food
    4. Shelter
    5. Emergency Fuel
    6. Ice
  4. Restore Critical Infrastructure
  5. Open Schools/Local Business
  6. Begin Recovery

RECON Reporting Website

RECON Reporting website is located at A user name and password is required to access the site.



SERT RECON Asset Team Leads:

DEM  Rob Dietrich 850-413-9943
FWC  Major Rett Boyd 850-251-0272 / Capt Jack Martin 850-251-7265   
FLNG Captain Melissa Deleon 850-251-0962
DEP John Johnson  850-251-1476
CAP  Jack Payne 772-332-2633

SERT RECON Coordination Team Leads:

DOT John Lanham 850-414-4852
DOH Bobby Mills 850-245-4445 ext 3334

Coordinate Transformation Tools

Online tool - transform coordinates between common Lat/Long formats and USNG

Offline coordinate transformation tools - download and install

Incident Mapper - interactive mapping site to search by address, Lat/Long, and USNG, click on map and obtain coordinates (which can be copied and pasted)

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