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Regional Emergency Management Coordination Team

Regional Preparedness and Response Coordinators
 Manager Willie Bouie Regional_and Recovery_Coordinators_10Regions_December 2.png
Region 1 Jim Roberts
Region 2 Willie Bouie
Region 3 Glen Hammers
Region 4 James Carter
Region 5 Austin Beeghly
Region 6 Paul Siddall
Region 7 Cristian Rivera
Region 8 Karen Kozac
Region 9 Theresa Hendry
Region 10 Claudia Baker


Regional Recovery and Mitigation Coordinators
 Manager Jeremy Odell
Region 1 Allison Blevins
Region 2 Justin Lazzara
Region 3 Patrick James
Region 4 Joshua Saunders
Region 5 Elizabeth Caison
Region 6 Jeremy Odell
Region 7 Grant Goodwin
Region 8 Maria "Camila" Medina
Region 9 Kathryn Thompson
Region 10 Dana McGeehan


The members of Regional Emergency Management Coordination Team are a group of individuals within the Division who live and work in one of the seven regions of Florida. Regional EM Coordinators are the first line of support to the community on all emergency management issues including local plan development, preparedness, training & exercise, recovery and mitigation information. They interact on a daily basis to ensure coordination between local governments, communities and the State in all five-mission areas of emergency management.

Their primary function during incidents or events is to provide assistance, guidance and technical support to County Emergency Management (EM) Officials while ensuring the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) is provided timely notification of operational status, protective measures, anticipated resource requests and unmet needs that an impacted area may have.

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