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Office of Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) serves as a central point for coordination of and responsibility for activities that promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency within the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). In accordance with § 20.055, Florida Statutes (F.S.), the OIG conducts audits and investigations, and reviews FDEM operations and programs to assist the Division in achieving its mission.

OIG Mission Statement:

To promote integrity and efficiency through independent and objective assessments of FDEM’s programs and operations.


Enhancing Public Trust In Government.

Contact Us:

E-mail:            Complaint@em.myflorida.com

Telephone:    (850) 815-4151 FDEM OIG Fraud Hotline

The OIG audit function provides independent and objective, assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve FDEM’s operations, in accordance with § 20.055(6), F.S.  Audit activities include conducting audits, management reviews, special projects, and consulting activities. Audit engagements are conducted in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Red Book), published by the Institute of Internal Auditors.  In addition, both audit and investigative activities are conducted in accordance with the Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General (Green Book), published by the Association of Inspectors General.

The OIG investigations function is accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA), and conducts investigations designed to detect, deter, prevent, and eradicate fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct, and other abuses in state government, in accordance with § 20.055(7), F.S. In addition to Green Book standards, investigative work is conducted in accordance with accreditation standards set forth by the CFA.

Anyone who suspects fraud, waste, abuse, or misconduct relating to an FDEM employee or program can report it to the OIG by:

E-mail:            Complaint@em.myflorida.com

Telephone:    (850) 815-4151 FDEM OIG Fraud Hotline

Postal Mail:   Florida Division of Emergency Management
                       Office of Inspector General
                       2555 Shumard Oak Blvd.
                       Tallahassee, FL 32399-2100

If you want to report serious allegations of wrongdoing on the part of a public employer or independent contractor who is under contract with the State, and you are also a state employee, former state employee, or applicant for state employment, you may qualify for protection including confidentiality of your name and identity in accordance with the Whistle-blower’s Act (§§ 112.3187 –   112.31895, F.S.).

In order to request whistle-blower protection, you must report your information to the Governor’s Chief Inspector General or the applicable agency inspector general. The Chief Inspector General operates a Whistle-blower’s Hotline. You may call the Whistle-blower’s Hotline or send your written complaints to:

Whistle-blower’s Hotline
P.O. Box 151
Tallahassee, FL 32302
(800) 543-5353 toll-free
(850) 922-1060 in Tallahassee

The Whistle-blower’s Hotline is not for general complaints or suggestions. It is reserved for reporting:

  • Any violation or suspected violation of any federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation committed by an employee or agent of an agency or independent contractor which creates and presents a substantial and specific danger to the public’s health, safety, or welfare.
  • Any act or suspected act of gross mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, gross waste of public funds, suspected or actual Medicaid fraud or abuse, or gross neglect of duty committed by an employee or agency of an agency or independent contractor.
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