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Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

Local CEMP Criteria

In accordance with 27P-6.0023, Florida Administrative Code, County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and County Emergency Management Programs shall comply with these criteria. These criteria shall be used in the development and review of County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and Programs.

Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Compliance Criteria (CEMP-001)

Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment Checklist (CEMP-002)


  • ESF 1: Transportation Annex
  • ESF 2: Communication Notification Annex
  • ESF 3: Public Works Annex
  • ESF 4: Firefighting Annex
  • ESF 5: Information and Planning Annex
  • ESF 6: Mass Care Annex
  • ESF 7: Resource Management Annex
  • ESF 8: Health and Medical Annex
  • ESF 9: Search & Rescue Annex
  • ESF 10: Environmental Protection Annex
  • ESF 11: Food and Water Annex
  • ESF 12: Energy Annex
  • ESF 13: Military Support Annex
  • ESF 14: External Affairs Annex
  • ESF 15: Volunteer and Donations Annex
  • ESF 16: Law Enforcement Annex
  • ESF 17: Animal and Agricultural Issues Annex
  • ESF 18: Business, Industry, and Economic Stabilization Annex
  • ESF 19: Fuels Annex
  • ESF 20: Cybersecurity Annex
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