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State Emergency Response Team Branches

State Emergency Response Team Branches

The Emergency Services Branches coordinates the delivery of public safety, health and medical, and other life-safety and security services during an event. It includes;

  • ESF-4: Firefighting
  • ESF-8: Health and Medical
  • ESF-9: Search and Rescue
  • ESF-10: Environmental Protection and Hazardous Materials
  • ESF-16: Law Enforcement and Security

Tim Kenyon
Emergency Services Branch Director

The Human Services Branch coordinates the delivery of mass care, social services, sheltering, and other humanitarian related services to disaster survivors and responders. It includes;

  • ESF-6: Mass Care
  • ESF-11: Food and Water
  • ESF-15: Volunteers and Donations
  • ESF-17: Animals and Agriculture

Pamela Hughes
Human Services Branch Director

The Infrastructure Branch provides and coordinates technical assistance, public works services, and critical infrastructure monitoring during disasters. It includes;

  • ESF-1: Transportation
  • ESF-2: Communications
  • ESF-3: Public Works
  • ESF-12: Energy
  • ESF 19: Fuels

Christina Goetzman
Infrastructure Branch Director

The Technical Services Branch provides GIS, WebEOC, Telecommunications, Help Desk, and all information technology and situational awareness capabilities for the State Emergency Response Team.

Jason Ray
Technical Services Branch Director

The Air Operations Branch provides technical expertise and coordination for all aircraft missions that may be required during a disaster. The branch includes state and federal partners, including Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Florida Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, and other representatives.

Robert Dietrich
Air Operations Branch Director

The Operations Support Branch provides overall mission management in the State EOC. They review mission requests from counties, ensure the request contains appropriate information, and ensures the appropriate partner is notified of the request.

Cheraka Thomas
Operations Support Branch Director

Emergency Support Function (ESF) 18 coordinates local, state and federal agencies actions that provide immediate and short-term assistance to business and industry as well as economic stabilization. ESF 18 works with business and industry to identify available resources to meet the needs of the state and its citizens before, during and after a disaster. The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is the lead agency for ESF 18.

Cybersecurity is established for Florida Digital Services (FL[DS]) to provide consultation and support to State Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) for cybersecurity incident monitoring and response during SEOC activation. Events requiring FL[DS] consultation and support includes but is not limited to a cybersecurity incident or an event caused by a cybersecurity incident or event creates the potential for cybersecurity incidents. The Florida Digital Services is the lead agency for ESF 20.

Joshua Phillips
ESF 20 Coordinator

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