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Notice of Funding Availability 5424


Notice of Funding Availability 5424

Local Governments, State and Regional Agencies, Indian Tribal Governments, Local Mitigation Strategy Working Groups, and Private Non-Profit Organizations Submitting Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Applications for Post-Fire (FM-5424)

Program Summary
The Florida Division of Emergency Management (the Division or FDEM) is pleased toannounce the availability of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Post-Fire,authorized by Section 20602 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. The incident periodincludes those counties that have been declared for a Fire Management Assistance (FMA)between the dates of March 4, 2022 through March 6, 2022. The State of Florida receivedtwo FMA declarations during this time period: FM-5424 (1707 Adkins Ave), and FM-5426(Chipola Fire Complex). The State of Florida was awarded a flat amount of HMGP fundingper declaration ($1,048,736.00), which was then aggregated into one HMGP Post-Fire
declaration, FM-5424-FL.

Eligible project types are the same as HMGP, although FEMA encourages the use of thesefunds for the mitigation of wildfire and related hazards, such as flood or erosion. Pleasenote that projects will be funded in the order listed in their county’s endorsement letter,regardless of project type.

The projects may take place outside of the declared county, or counties, so long as the riskreduction benefits the declared county or counties. If funding cannot be used in thesedeclared counties, then it will be made available to the rest of the state.

Updated: Thursday, September 8, 2022
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