Plan & Prepare

Plan & Prepare

While living in and visiting Florida offers many benefits and advantages, it is important to keep in mind severe weather hazards and potential threats. Every family and business should have predefined emergency plans and always keep an emergency supply kit ready and stocked.

Each Florida county has a designated emergency management program, and residents, businesses, and visitors should also visit their county's emergency management for the most up-to-date and locally significant information. 

Hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding are just a few of the many hazards Floridians are subject to - don't wait until disaster strikes, develop a family plan today! To get started, visit Get A Family Plan.

Did you know that 40 perfect of businesses never re-open their doors post-disaster? Don't become a statistic. Protect your business by developing a business disaster plan. Visit Get A Business Plan to get started today.

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