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Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program (TSA)

Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program (TSA)

Get Help with Transitional Sheltering Assistance

Are you an eligible survivor who has accepted FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program (TSA), and you need assistance locating alternative housing before the March 28, 2023, program deadline? Fill out the secure form below to request help from SERT’s TSA Outreach Coordination Team.

Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) Request for Outreach Form

  • Please Note: Filling out this form means you’re asking to be connected to a case worker who will assist you in identifying barriers preventing you from transitioning out of your TSA-eligible location into a more permanent housing solution in addition to connecting you with local, state, federal, and nonprofit resources that may be available to assist you in your recovery process. The information you enter is confidential, and this service has no cost. Please use this form only to request assistance for your household or another household for whom you have legal guardianship. Consent submitted through this form should be signed by the person or legal guardian only who would be receiving assistance.
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